The Hauschildt Boys

All I ever dreamt to be

  and never become

For all I wanted to do

  and never did

For all, I wanted to say

  and never did

For what I did

  and never meant to do

I ask for forgiveness



These pages are dedicated to my grandchildren Isabelle Irina, Frederick, Alex, Kian, David Christian, Zion, Anna-Sophie, Mary-Ellen, Eloise Elizabeth, Penelope Rose, Allana, Tatiana and Isabella Romana.

Children’s love is like water in the basket, I know. I believed that I had been a good father until the event in January 1980, as I had been present for my boys and enjoyed so many happy moments with them, in many countries.

In writing these specific pages to my offspring, I wish to bring some of my hard-earned wisdom. You cannot ripen an apple with a blowlamp. It is fortunate for everyone that a boy does not become a man, in the fullest sense of the word, overnight. Yet this is virtually also what lies ahead of so many things in life.

The man may be a very accomplished being on a tiny planet lost in the immensity of our galaxy and universe, but on the spiritual levels, he is only an embryo. The facts of life may be revealed gently and lovingly to the adolescent by considered parents; they may come brutally and coarsely or they may take a very long time. Sadly, many have to take the long, weary journey of endless truth by trial and error. I seek to bring my offspring on the Right Path, as early as possible. Therefore these lines.

It is so important that one makes the Truth, Beauty and Goodness an essential part of a disciplined life.

I consider the intellect, the maturing of personality and spiritual consciousness, as the most important in the development of a human being. Primarily, the word spiritual has nothing to do with being religious or even being “on the Path”. Someone is no more spiritual for being a Catholic, a Protestant, Jew, Muslim or Buddhist. Being spiritual has nothing to do with morals.

For me, spirituality refers to anything and everything that drives the evolution of Man’s consciousness forward, from one consciousness to the next.

I am not a monster or a saint; I have lived my life between desires and regret as most men. When you read me, read me as if I were seeking the truth, not as if I know the truth. I have many failings, in my own belief, I failed as a father creating the family I wanted. Something, which I really wanted to be – a good father. Until the event in Denmark, I was always there for my sons, the four years killed me as a father – it was the end of dreams, my true dignity and myself.

I was so blessed to meet later in life Romana, a most beautiful human being, however, I was despite our total happiness, not able to succeed with many things I wanted to create and do. With Romana, I shared completeness of love, love is energy and energy is eternal.  As the events in Denmark had ended me, I lived on borrowed time, but in true happiness with a soulmate. I did have many happy moments and years with Alexander – a lovely boy when growing up, Romana’s son, who I adopted and who I looked after for 18 years, sadly he later disappointed me deeply in life. Despite this, like all my sons I love them dearly and they are always in my heart and mind until I leave this journey.

To me, real wealth is our life experiences, not our material possession, moreover true wisdom. Romana and I had joy and joy is wisdom. I am of writing a rich man and thank my Creator every day. I will quote my dear Romana “Life is made of Moments” – I wish all my Family many such special moments.  For me, my years with Romana bear testimony to the incredible forces that accompany the growth of the intuitive, spiritual consciousness.

From a young, I have believed that parents should give their children the best possible education, as we live in an economically insecure and politically confusing world, where one’s education and contact do matter a great deal. Therefore, I sacrificed many things in order to give my boys the best education I could find for them at the time, moreover, staying in a relationship that should have ended years before.  In addition to basic good education, learning manners, independence and indeed a direction in life, I also felt that this would give the boys a good foundation for life, preparing them for the jungle out there.

Apart from a good education, I felt exposure to several changes of environment, countries and places, would be an education in itself, I always hated ignorance. I also believed that the arts give a passport to enrich your journey in life. All this should, however, be seen together with a stable mother and father home. Children need both parents and it is wrong to bring children into this world without a father and mother around. My experience, have shown that practically all adults grown up with only one parent, went through problems in their lives.

When one brings children into this world, we as human undertake the most important contribution to society in our lives. Before and after I got married, I advocated that parents should receive education prior to getting a license and a right to parenthood. Society is crazy leaving parenting to individuals with no experience or know-how. Since we live in a society that tends to ignore wisdom and advice from elders, including within families, young parents are so ill-equipped to bring up children.

Parents often put their own relationship on the back burner to concentrate on their children, but a new study shows that when spouses love each other, children stay in school longer and marry later in life.

Research about how the affection between parents shapes their children’s long-term life outcomes is rare because the data demands are high. This study uses unique data from families in Nepal to provide new evidence. The study, co-authored by researchers at the University of Michigan and McGill University in Quebec, was published in the journal Demography.

“In this study, we saw that parents’ emotional connection to each other affects child-rearing so much that it shapes their children’s future,” said co-author and U-M Institute for Social Research researcher William Axinn. “The fact that we found these kinds of things in Nepal moves us to step closer to evidence that these things are universal.”

One of the parent’s most important responsibilities is to make their children feel loved and accepted. Children who feel loved and accepted by their parents have better relationships not only with their family but also with peers. In contrast, children who feel rejected by their parents have worse social, emotional, and behavioural adjustment, even into adulthood.

My Wish for A Large Family

It had always been my wish to create a large family, with my children being friends and being there to see all my grandchildren growing up – in this, I all failed, in this life. In looking at this from where I stand today, with my wisdom and belief, this was something there was meant to happen. For many years, witnessing families regularly assemble around large tables, in Italy and France, with grandparents, uncles and cousins, and all their children, I must admit I felt jealous. However, it is partly my own fault, as I told my sons “The world is your Oyster” and I now find my grandchildren living on four continents of this planet.

In not having a father around as a child and during my young year, a real father, with authority and direction, my life had a relatively bad start, although, many will say differently as I was relatively successful and made money.

But when I now look back knowing what happened around me, in fact, close by in places such as Germany, Poland and Ukraine, the suffering and the horrendous killings even several years after the war. With thousands of children living wild in the forest of Lithuania, all children of Germans, their parent killed, mostly after the end of the war or have been marched on the concentrations camps by the Poles, the victors. Others sent on long marches across hundreds of miles, with tens of thousands dying. More than 12 million German was subject to terrible atrocities after the end of the war, more than 2 million German women were subject to rape by the Russian, the Poles and other victors. All the cultivated field of well-organised farms in East Prussia was taken over by the people of the victors,  The German, the old and the very young, who never took part of the war, was just told to leave without any belonging. The Russian moving millions from various part of Russia and the Poles helped themselves.

Tens of thousands of German was taken into sports stadiums and beaten to death. The public hanging took place for years after the war, entertainment for the masses. Soldiers and German civilians had to dig their own grave, many time nude and thereafter the was short falling into the grave. German women were constantly raped in front of their children. Polish Jews commanded any German from East Prussia to concentration camps, where they starved them to death. All this was known by the victors, the American, the British and the Russian. All expected after Potsdam. So when I complain about my first ten years of injustice, it is somewhat realistic to just think about what happened around Denmark at the time. All this revenge went on even well into the 1950s. Interestingly, the British never was speaking about all this, only the lonely voice of writers like  H. G. Wells – so shameful.

So thinking about the hundreds of thousands of children with no parents, no food or comfort, I had a “good” first 12-14 years of upbringing.  I did not really know about all this evil happening at the time. The first who open my eyes to such horror was Eiler Baastrup, an old banker, he told me about governments, the politician and bankers corruption and manipulation, but obviously, it did not really think in at the time. Well, I did write a “kronik” to Politiken (the Danish daily) objecting to the secret censorship by the Allied, painting a black picture of dictatorship and keeping people in the dark, but not pointing out the evil of Stalin. Eiler Baastrup had told me that the invasion of Denmark was arranged and the soldiers killed at the Danish border, was just to show the world and hide the facts, that Denmark had already surrendered to Hitler.

We know so much more about the direct effects of parenting on the brains of young children. Recent research has greatly expanded our understanding of how young children’s early experiences and socio-economic environment influence their neurobiology development, and how, in turn, early neurobiology development influences their later lives. Early experiences get under your skin in a most powerful way. 

According to Robert Putnam, a political scientist and Harvard professor. He says, “The roots of many cognitive and behavioural differences that appear in middle childhood and adolescence are often already present by 18 months, and their origins, we now know, lie even earlier in the child’s life. Neuroscience has shown that the child’s brain is biologically primed to learn from experience so that early environments powerfully affect the architecture of the developing brain. The most fundamental feature of that experience is interaction with responsive adults – typically, but not only, parents. Putnam says here is one clear indicator of future health and happiness – family mealtime. I agree with him and always wanted my children around the table, but that was not my wife’s wish. She believed in “Upper-Class English” saying that: children should be seen and not heard.

Well, I do remember eating every evening with my mother and stepfather, around a table. So I can’t blame that part, but I do believe my first years as a baby, was heavy influences by my mothers’ emotional problems and the fact my father was not around. Further, that my meningitis, affecting my mother’s concern for me and indeed the illness seriousness, must have played a major role in my early years. All this must have given me emotional scars, considering what we know about the early years of mankind.

Apart from not having a father around, I did not either have any grandfathers around. My dear grandmother Carolina, died in 1950, most likely one of the most dramatic events in my childhood since I loved her so much. 

The fact, that I did not have a large family around and grew up as a single child, did influence me very early in wanting/wishing myself a large family when I grew up. Fatherhood for me was important in my mind already very early, even confronted with having a possible baby at 16 years with my girlfriend Ellen, at the time she was 26-27 years old, did not totally frighten me. She lost the baby, which probably was better for her than for me. As a baby could have changed my life at that time. She went on to greater things in life, including becoming an ambassador for Denmark.

When Ellen and I used to sit or lie for hours talking about our futures, I recall telling her that I most likely would end up as a wealthy old man with no one around me, like Paul Getty, who I in 1957 had read about. Little did I know that I 8-9 years later saw him a few times, attending various art exhibitions, including at our Axiom Gallery in Duke Street, Mayfair. Since he was a very small and frail-looking old man only drinking milk, he did appear very lonely, even surrounded by a few helpers. Paul Getty and Rockefeller, both very mean looking people were no doubt quite extraordinary people as well and disciplined.

So the fact that I did not have a father and grandparent around, frankly handicapped me so much, nevertheless, I did not recognize this when growing up, we never do. First later in life, I with my experience and “wisdom” became truly aware of this, that I truly was in need of elders advice. I believe that the events in Denmark would not have happened if I had a family to advise me, sadly this was not the case.

I was clever to make money many times in life, also in challenging myself to move on to different things, when I found myself either bored or want to try something else. All this was stupid, I had so many opportunities in life, but no wisdom and I did not have the tenacity. Wisdom is normally passed on in families, and I believe that are the greatest assets of families, that combined with true respect for older, are normally taught in great families, it took me a lifetime to realise how such elements are important. Another, is tenacity, stay the cause, as a captain who set sails and course for a port, one has to stay the course, come snow come rain – stay with an aim and objective, do not give up.

All these things are so important. The fact that it took me many years to listen to older and more experienced people, also was stupid. Finally, early marriage was the final nail in my coffin, this did lose me so much in life and indeed laid the foundations for all my suffering, despite all my beautiful sons and our happy time together. The ironic part, I had given advice through the mid-to-late sixties and early seventies to so many exceedingly wealthy people with families, advising them how to diversify and protect their wealth. I never myself took this advice, which became so important foundations for keeping and controlling family wealth.

One of the most important choices we make, it to select the right partner in life. Normally, the parents and family tend to guide you, but this was not the case with me. Your partner in life is everything, so important. I made a huge mistake early in my life, in getting too early married and the woman I fell in love with, at a time I was totally immature.

Sadly, it was first later in life I realised how important, the selection of your partner is, however, I was so fortunate to meet such a person but late in life. Romana was everything and the most decent human being I met in my life. Sadly, I first met Romana when I had been wounded from the events in Denmark and somewhat damaged. Nevertheless, I had nearly 19 years with Romana, which made my life truly worth living. Otherwise, my life was wasted, including all the love, energy and money, I wasted on my family. The greatest suffering in my life has not been the confrontation with authority, but the pain caused by my sons and indeed confronting my failure as a father.

My grandmother and Mother were very important in my life. My grandmother died when I was only nine years old and she to this day brings tears to my eyes. I love her so much and believe I will meet soon with her. My mother was close to me as a single child, however, my own children took over when they came along and no doubt I could have taken even more care of my dear Mother. Sadly, I could have done so much more bringing my mother to the best medical attention abroad in UK, USA or Switzerland. She waited for months for a hip operation by the professor in Denmark who invented this operation.  One, unfortunately, does not realise all this before our loved ones are no longer with us on this journey here.

Reality Surpasses Fiction

The author and former Member of Parliament Michael Boobs, Now a conservative peer, who writes the House of Cards, was recently interviewed on television. I believe he also wrote the Yes, Minister and the King of Cards back in the nineties. The interviewer asks Michael Dobbs how much of the many things in this television play, could be real, he said “all this comes from back there, the parliament.  I could possibly, not tell what really happened, as no one would believe it, therefore I always have to water down the truth and what really did happen.”.

I am afraid, I will likewise have to water down the truth as otherwise none of the family reading these lines will believe me.

It is said that politics is the second-oldest profession and takes most of its rules from the first (prostitution). No politician can lay many claims to unquestionable virtue.

My life and death

I believe that I have been fortunate in life, because of meeting Romana. My life has been rich, very rich in so many ways. Quality in life is important, how you live your life, what you get out of it, what you put in it and what you leave behind after it. I am so fortunate to have so many lovely grandchildren.

We should aim for a good and rich life well lived, and at the end, like My Romana, in the comfort of our home, in the company of those who love us, have a death worth dying for. I do not believe that I will have such a death, nevertheless, I am thankful that Romana had such death and more so witnessing what took place.

The world today offers so much opportunity for the young, so much more opportunity than ever, I do tell the young but they rarely believe me. When you think of all the young entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. I could not even have a bank account in Denmark before the age of 21, could not marry without the Danish King’s permission.

My mother had to sign everything for me until the age of 18 years and then still I first became “of age” (myndig in Danish) at the age of 21. When I formed a company in partnership with a Norwegian, at 16, my mother had to sign everything, cheques, bill of exchanges and on my behalf as a director.

Despite children now remain children for so much longer, they seem to get so many rights, which I do not believe they are mature enough to handle. It seems to me crazy and frankly stupid, including given children the right to vote at elections. I suppose the politician, realised that all voters are stupid anyway, so why not get the younger to vote.

When I think of the first office tools, the Facit calculator (used in my first business), which one had to turn around with your right hand, just to calculate, to our IBM System/360, a mainframe computer in late 1969 at Associated Financial Planning –  to the leap of Sinclair’s small pocket calculator, I forgot in a SAS plane across the Atlantic in 1976, to the first desktop, the IBM and my Compaq desktop computer with a Grid-laptop, the same as used by the US generals and the US President ( with the nuclear codes) – just an incredible advance. I still remember my first laptop with 256K of memory, I kept all my laptops, now sadly lost when they stole my villa.

Today speaking about parallel processing and biological computing. I recently read about the future of computing with quantum computing. At the core of quantum computing are the fact – principle of superposition, which holds that a physical system at the quantum level – an electron, say – can exist in more than one state at the same time. In addition “entanglement” describes the way two or more particles can be – how? somehow? – connected over a great distance, even one in a faraway galaxy 10 billion light-years away. Both connected over this great distance, so that a change in a state of one affects the other, for reasons we’re not even close comprehending.

A quantum computer uses the principle of superposition to enable the “bits” – the ones and noughts we know from classic computing – to adopt the state of one, nought, or both at the same time. What’s more, these “qubits” have the capacity to process information in both states simultaneously, creating vast branching trees of parallel processing.  They have already created such a quantum machine. In 2010 in Vancouver, the D-Wave processor was made and just two years later the company produced the follow-up which is 300,000-times more powerful than the first two years earlier.

At least I have my memories, I have written a card in front of various pictures on “my small alter” My Life was Blessed, I am made of so many memories and cherished and treasured moments. All Eternal and Forever MH”

On this altar, I also have a card I wrote: “Tadyata gate gate paragate, parasamgate bodhi svaka” translates to Proceed, proceed, proceed beyond, Thoroughly proceed beyond – be formed in enlightenment. Yes, despite my miserable overwhelming status, I am so fortunate.

I have lightly read (lightly because all required lives of studies) the teachings and the written words of Buddha, Talmud, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, The Gnostic Gospel, the Life of Apollonius of Tyana and several (26) versions of the Bible. I should like the rest of my life to speak to priests, Yogis, Rabbis, Nuns, Tibetan Monks and Zen Masters

I was recently reading Martyn Amos, a professor in novel computing and author “Genesis Machines” He writes: “If you said to anybody in nanotechnology, Look, I ‘ve got this self-replicating robot and it doesn’t need any batteries or external power, and it can sense other entities of its of its own class and engage with them, form consortia, combine and exchange information, and even self destruct if necessary” … they would sell their grandmother for a look at one. But of course, we have them! They are bacteria.  Bacteria have a form of sex, they exchange DNA molecules through physical contact, by squirting plasmids into one another. Perhaps I should have been an academic and, which I did wish when I was 15 years old, at least I would have been exposed to so must suffering at times.

My So Many Regrets – and really none

I have lost so many opportunities in life, partly because I did not have a real father, I believe, and elders wisdom. One does need advice from older and more experienced people in life, it has taken me so many years to understand, really understand this.

I had so many opportunities, which came along very early in my life, and my mother only expressed worries about everything, anything I did. I needed mature and real advice, always telling everybody and myself, I know best. I had brilliant ideas and always could see business opportunities. 

One Must Aim – sitting the course and then use Tenacity

I always tell young people, that like a captain ready to set sail, they should know which port they are heading for and stay the course. “Setting a course” means opening that sail up to catch the wind, propelling the ship, and thus, if you’re setting a course, you’re providing that force for moving forward in whatever journey you’re setting out on. If that is your dream or aim and you have tenacity, you will get there, it may take time, but you will. Most people give up early, like businesses, instead if they had stayed the course and showed tenacity, they would have succeeded.



Mogens Alexander

Mogens’s birth in Copenhagen

I still remember the Saturday morning on the 9th of June 1962, (the day that Carl Nielsen, the Danish composer was born), when my son Mogens was born in Olga Limskovs Clinic “Fødeklinik” in Copenhagen. I had been there all evening and night, even acting as a translator to my wife, as most of the midwives and nurses did not understand the English words which came from my wife, I am thankful that I did not translate most of the words which all included your F…. Danes, you are all a bunch of Nazi, torturing me. I had been, for hours, gripping my wife’s sweaty hand, mopping a dripping brow, and supporting upright a groaning tottering mother-to-be for the evening and night, bumped with gas.

Since I had never witnessed a birth, in all its detail, (just turned 21 two days before) I was surprised to see all the bodily fluid which came from my wife’s body prior to the arrival of my son. The pains she expressed constantly was excruciating to hear and I held the gas inhale close to her mouth. I clearly understand women can take more pain than us men, but I was in any way prepared for seeing so much pain, in a little woman I loved.

My son, when he arrived, seemed like an old friend: his head emerged with fluid, rotary movement, so that his face swivelled upwards, given me the sensation of being a Father. My son!

When I later left with a girlfriend of my Mother who had come to the clinic and stayed for the birth of my Mogens, we walk through the street of Copenhagen, in fact walking for miles, that sunny June morning, I felt so special. In all my exhaustion and relief, through which I felt a pure beam of transcendence lance. No, relay: I felt as if space and time had been annihilated, and I was walking on water and at the very centre of being itself.

I could witness my son, growing up then begetting me a grandson or daughter, who in turn would beget his parent her own child. In that amazing moment I somehow fully apprehended my own identity, as a young man, and saw it was comprised mostly of petty status obsessions and overwhelming insecurities. Yet this did not matter. I had become a father, and my life had changed forever.

I specifically remember that on Saturday 9th June, Mogens birthday to have read Herald Tribune, that Marilyn Monroe had been on the birthday sacked from the studio. Later I found that she also that day had been prescribed the drugs, which may have killed her Nembutal. I always purchased the New York Herald Tribune Saturday editions.

Some Danish men of my generation had attended the birth of their children. Whereas many also attended the changing of their nappies, applying antiseptic powder to the umbilical stump and fetching the breast pump, I was partly spared. My wife was British, with an upper-middle-class view, God knows from where. We first had my mother around giving Liz a helping hand, however, Liz disliked my dear Mother telling her what to do. Therefore, having moved to a nice villa at CF Rich Vej, in an attractive part of Copenhagen, we were so fortunate to get an older lady Mrs Christensen as living with us. Therefore, I had only the work I liked, like fetching the breast pump, my wife had so much excess milk and I took advantage of her large breast at the time and even playing a little baby self-image to get some affection.

The incredible thing about Mrs Christensen, she used to reverse backwards out of the room when she left either Liz or me, just like a servant at the Royal Court. She also spoke to Liz, as Mrs Director.

Mrs Christensen was truly something; she also cooked for us, as it was apparent that Liz just could not cook properly. When I came back home around 18:00, Mrs Christensen had prepared a nice laid out table and Liz and I could sit down and enjoy a Danish meal, without hearing our little baby. Mrs Christensen taught Liz that the baby should have a good feed late and then sleep through the night. Interestingly, Liz learned this with Mark and later Hans Christian, we never had problems at night, only for a short time with Mark. I always heard from others fathers that they could not sleep at night because of their babies.

Since it was summer, most days Liz would prepare herself to walk with Mogens. When walking she looked very attractive, sometimes with hats, but always with a Hermes scarf (I had brought three scarfs at Birger Christensen) and the pram was a sensation everywhere, bringing her constant attention.

Sadly when we moved to Djursholm in Sweden just before Christmas, we lost Mrs Christensen, she worked from early morning to late evening and had a lot of influence on how Liz later took care of her baby.

I am sad that we lost all our pictures and negatives, when we later moved to London, all lost with so many items and several thousand books. I did take many pictures, with my Hasselblad camera. Liz at the time did not care about pictures and always made faces.

When Mogens was still a little baby, just 16 months old, the world was confronted with the third world war and I specific did get very concerned, I felt I had some connection, first with the Cuban people after my travel there in 1959, secondly with the nuclear bomb, which I had painted on my whole wall (Nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll), in my room at my parents’ home.

In October 1963, starting the 22 October Kennedy was confronted with the problem of the Cuban’s missile site, the following two weeks the world was confronting the third world war and the end of man. I recall clearly this period, just 15 months after Mogens’s birth. Love Me Do by the Beetles came out just months after Mogens was born in September 1962.

During the summer, July and August of 1962, Liz and I enjoyed very much the Rolls Royce of all prams I had purchased (I believe it was a Silver Cross Balmoral), by going to Frederiksberg Have, and a large open restaurant, enjoying showing off our beautiful baby. No one in Denmark had seen such a beautiful pram with a beautiful baby. Liz even came to my job, at Hotel Royal in Copenhagen, where I was the manager for a small exclusive cigar and pipe shop for Hirschsprung, all the way. We sold the most expensive handmade pipes in Denmark and had a great selection of pipe tobacco and cigars. Liz would somehow walk from Frederiksberg to get there, down Gammel Kongevej. Yes, I was the manager, mostly alone, again working for someone, which I had not really done since I was 16. I told them I was 26 years old. They could not understand when I told them I was leaving, as they were very happy with the shop’s turnover.

Liz would even go into the reception hall of Royal Hotel, somehow with the pram, showing our little baby to everyone.  Hotel Royal was the best hotel we had in Copenhagen, just opened in 1960 and designed in all details, including the shops, by Arne Jacobsen.

The Royal Hotel was conceived as a showcase for Scandinavian design at the time. The Egg Chair and the Swan chair was specific designed for this hotel with its 22-floor glass tower rising above the railway tracks looked more like something from Madison Avenue and the tallest building in Scandinavia at the time.

Arne Jacobsen even came to the tobacco shop many times, as he was a heavy pipe smoker, I recall speaking to him about the draws and display in the shop, which he had designed in details, down to the screws. Also showing him our latest Dunhill pipes gave me a chance to tell him about my trip to Brazil and seeing Oscar Neimeyer’s partner Lucio Costa in Brasilia. I believe I told him I had used his name to try to see Mr Niemeyer, in fact, conned my way about – also that my mother ones worked and helped in his office and that I had been there as four years old, I still remember him standing there with his pipe listening to me. He was a great man.

At the time, I still dreamt about becoming an architect myself, a dream I had from early childhood. I cannot remember if I told him, however, some years later when I met Le Corbusier (client of the Swiss bank I worked with), I did tell him, and he said it was never too late – many times I wished I had followed his advice. When I met Ove Arup for the first time, in London, I did not want to tell him this, because if you really want to be something in life, there is nothing, which can stop you.  However, I did tell him how I conned my way to Niemeyer’s office in Rio.

I did like working at Hirschsprung, speaking to all the foreign customers, some very famous and indeed learning a lot about tobacco, cigars and pipe tobacco. The money was very restricted; however, I found a way to make a little extra money.


Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony

31 March 1964 (Tuesday)

Mark came to life truly fighting for his survival. The first seconds, minutes felt for me like hours. Mark had the navel string around his neck and his face was blue. The doctors worked in frantic and Liz was constantly shouting at them, despite she had taken a lot of gas. I will return to this scene later.

1964 was the year the Beatles Can’t buy me Love 1964, No Money can’t buy you, Love!

My son Mark was created ‘in love‘ and deliberately since I had read that it was best for children to grow up with 20-30 months between their births. Further, I wanted a family and many children. Therefore, Liz and I planned to make Mark in the summer of 1963 in Djursholm at Burestigen in Sweden, madly in love. My parents came to stay with us in June, for Mogens’ christening. We had this beautiful villa in November 1962. A beautiful place, in the best part of Djursholm and with a very large garden – park. See pictures on the right.

I believe Mark was created either just before or after we had been in Copenhagen to see Maria Callas perform at 3 Falke Centre. Liz loved the voice of Maria Callas, as Liz herself wanted to become a singer when early teen. Liz sang in front of the Queen, at the Royal Festival Hall in 1952/53, participating in a choir from Yorkshire, which was very exclusive, considering the selection process.

The villa was located in the best part of Djursholm, which was the best part of Stockholm. It was so idyllic, with the winter snow rapping the cosy house. We had everything, a beautiful fireplace and lots of space, lots of love for each other and our baby. The only thing, it was difficult for Liz to get any staff, we had a young Danish girl with us, when we travelled around with the group of students, however, and she did not like housework as she was hired as an au pair.  I recall we had a month’s difficulty employing someone to live with us; however, we did have the cleaner from the owner of the house. The owner lived only 200 meters away in a big palace type house; she was Finish and a widow. Somehow, she did not get along with Liz, and I found her rather difficult and lonely, somehow reflecting jealousy on a young family.

Liz got to know many people and after joining the Women International Club, become very close to many American and English women, married to prominent company directors in Stockholm. We become friends with the GM managing director and Gillette’s who was British. Liz started going to several monthly meetings and lots of women lunches and we did get a Swedish girl from the North working for us allowing Liz to go to Stockholm more often.

So we decided in the summer of 1963 to create a baby brother for Mogens.




Hans Christian

Hans Christian

16 November 1967

Hans Christian was conceived, after Elizabeth and I had been out at the Sotogrande Club, just built in the South of Spain, near Estapone, where we had rented a house. Liz and I liked Frank Sinatra’s Strangers In the Night, which they played several times. A young prince Carlos was also in the club that night. I still remember Liz’s red dress, long blond hair and how much I loved her, we felt special no doubt influenced by the rich surroundings.

Nine-month later Hans Christian was born in the month of November, when the Beetles album, the Magical Mystery Tour was a big hit and for November and December for 8 weeks, I say Goodbye and you Say Hello was the top of the Pop. I purchased a big musical Hi-fi and played through the villa their album, together with jazz and Frank Sinatra.

I had rented a villa in Hellerup, a nice two-storey villa for 4 months, in order that Liz could stay close to the Olga Limschou clinic and being there with my mother helping.  I travelled, still back to London on a regular basis and to Frankfurt. We celebrated Christmas and New Year in Hellerup with my parent there. Whereafter, we went to Sweden for some month staying again in Djursholm, before going back to London.

Hans Christian was a very special boy when growing up, never causing any trouble, His Mum and I always was constantly worried that he would not live long because he was so a good boy. He was close with Mark, less Mogens and that become evident later at Herlufsholm. Mark was always protective of Hans Christian.


Alexander Christian