My Grandchildren 

My beautiful grandchildren are born in six different countries on three continents, Netherland, Germany, England, Brazil, the Philippines, and Canada. They are all great individual kids and grown-ups, and I am proud of them all.

Isabelle Irina  Netherland
Frederick Christian  (b. 29.03.1994  England)
Alex Alan Anthony   (b. 25.09.1996  Germany)
Taiane   (b. 24.10.1994 Brazil)
Allana Yasmin  (b. 28.07.1999 Philippines)
Kian Christopher  (b.19.02.2003  Brazil)
David Christian  (b. 17.03.2006  Philippines)
Zion   (b. 21.10.2006  Brazil)
Anna-Sophie  (b. 22.11.206 Canada)
Mary Ellen   (b. 05.03.2009  Philippines)
Eloise Elizabeth  (b. 13.07.2012  Canada)
Penelope Rose  (b. 21.09.2014  Philippines

Benn    (b.15.05.2024  Portugal)

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