Hans Christian

Hans Christian

16 November 1967

Hans Christian was conceived, after Elizabeth and I had been out at the Sotogrande Club, just built in the South of Spain, near Estapone, where we had rented a house. Liz and I liked Frank Sinatra’s Strangers In the Night, which they played several times. A young prince Carlos was also in the club that night. I still remember Liz’s red dress, long blond hair and how much I loved her, we felt special no doubt influenced by the rich surroundings.

Nine-month later Hans Christian was born in the month of November, when the Beetles album, the Magical Mystery Tour was a big hit and for November and December for 8 weeks, I say Goodbye and you Say Hello was the top of the Pop. I purchased a big musical Hi-fi and played through the villa their album, together with jazz and Frank Sinatra.

I had rented a villa in Hellerup, a nice two-storey villa for 4 months, in order that Liz could stay close to the Olga Limschou clinic and being there with my mother helping.  I travelled, still back to London on a regular basis and to Frankfurt. We celebrated Christmas and New Year in Hellerup with my parent there. Whereafter, we went to Sweden for some month staying again in Djursholm, before going back to London.

Hans Christian was a very special boy when growing up, never causing any trouble, His Mum and I always was constantly worried that he would not live long because he was so a good boy. He was close with Mark, less Mogens and that become evident later at Herlufsholm. Mark was always protective of Hans Christian.