Isabelle Irina

Isabelle Irina

was born in Utrecht, Holland to my eldest son Mogens and his wife, Wilhelmina Elisabeth. They lived in Amsterdam at Prinsengracht – One of the canals which Amsterdam is famous for.

When she was born, I was in Switzerland with Romana, staying in Engelberg, a beautiful place. I still recall when Mogens was telephoning me, so proud announcing the birth of his first child. At the time we were visting the Benedictine church. Engelberg has since been associated with Isabelle and every time I went back there, a drive from Zurich, I remembered her birthday.

I later saw little Isabelle Irina, a beautiful baby, in Dusseldorf, where my son had moved to for business. She was five-six weeks old; I still remember holding her, my first grandchild, and a very special feeling looking into her lovely baby face – my granddaughter!

Isabelle studied music and has in her years shown a wide artistic talent, including making short films, painting and making records. She finished her Bachelor’s in Pop Culture and music in 2019. At an early age, she had her own band and performed in many places in the Netherlands. Isabelle wrote recently when I asked her what she likes doing:

“It has always been expressing my energy through music or image. But growing older made me realise that living is an expression and I think what I like to do most is living, breathing, seeing every day as a little adventure and my whole life as a big endless adventure full of great and loving surprises. I love to be generous, but I also love to be treated generously.

I have a special connection with nature, animals and the energetic field surrounding our earth. I feel like my heart desires to be expressive about how I experience the world around me and connect hearts who feel the same.

My day-to-day activities at the moment (19 July 2021) are working on my releases for ‘Zeevlinder’ – an artist project where I write, produce, mix and master my music. I just started a support group for some of my friends who are writing a book. I edited 6 music videos these last weeks for the Asko Schoneberg Orchestra. And are working on EDM/Dance toplines for my publisher DeepGoldMusic”

Isabelle is an accomplice singer and has created many songs. Please look below for some of her music.

In 2019, she made a self-biographical movie about her relationship with her father. Sadly her separation was due to her parents’ divorce and the fact that my son worked was so busy working in so many places ranging from Turkey, and Greece to Germany.

As a grandfather, I have no excuse; I should have been there for her more than I was; She needed love and confirmation about her own abilities to progress and grow up, which she later did. Sadly, I followed my son’s instruction to me – not to interfere. Children need both a mother and father close to them growing up in order to get a proper balance in their childhood, unfortunately, divorces do leave a lot of problems around.

Isabelle was fortunate to have her grandparents and I believe her great grandparents around growing up with the family in a small Dutch town. Many studies have shown that children who are raised in close proximity to their grandparents not only excel in school but also have a firm familial foundation in place that helps them feel more loved and boosts their overall self-confidence. 

Isabelle is now a strong, beautiful and loving woman with so many talents living in Amsterdam. I know she will one day be a fantastic loving mother.

More to follow……………...

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The town of Engelberg is appealing because of its distinct and rustic character. The Benedictine monastery was founded in 1120 and has a great impact on the life of the village, even today. Monks still live, work and teach there. The Benedictine Monastery of Engelberg has shaped the history of Engelberg. As a place of silence and prayer, simple pilgrims, as well as crowned heads, have been able to experience a recreation of body, spirit and soul as guests here. But the monastery is also a place where cultural treasures from more than nine centuries are kept.