Dico Lucidas - Taceo Nubilas

Wisdom is the sunlight of the soul

There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing


I have taken more blows than most 

No doubt, certainly in our part of the world. Some of them were my own fault, ignorance, and neglect. Yes, I have taken the blows that life throws at all of us. Many had the foundation of a father and grandfather, I did not have grandfathers or a father who left me anything, and I never received any inside into their lives and views. I should have liked their experience and guidance when I started out in life and my youth, even though my life. Experience and strength are expressed in the following:

Let me not pray to be sheltered

but to be fearless:

Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain

but for the heart to conquer it:

Let me not look for allies in the life’s battlefield

but to look for my own strength:

Let me not pray in anxious fear to be saved

but to hope for patience to win my own freedom

                                             The Great Indian Poet Tagora

I shared every word of these lines, many moments every day for years and tried to aspire to every line and sentence.

To my own astonishment of emotions pour out unexpectedly when one can no longer trust or rely on one’s own mind and the body buckles in grief. I have been in the deep, so deep valley of grief and despair since Romana, my soulmate left this world.

Words must not become barriers between us; sadly, they have for generations, even about fact and truth, which many times, in translation can totally change in meanings. Yet words are our tools, and we must not be afraid to express the truth we know is the best words can say.

Sadly, I am not a writer, nor am I able to express my true emotion in words and prose. I should like to write the history of my soul, the monument to suffering and courage and hope.

Despite, I am late in life, dealing with illness, I have still hills to climb and major issues to see to, all related to my past. I had hoped I could leave all this and just paint and walk with my dog, Lady Rose – but no, I must see to the past, once for all, put it to rest.

I must have a professional investigation of the travesty of Justice in London. Even more important, go after the crooked lawyers and trustees, from Equiom Trust in Jersey, Channel Islands, who have stolen our home for many years, Villa les Anges. They succeeded in my absence, as the owner, selling my property to themselves without having to give me the proceeds. They just stole my home and everything in it, including precious family items, going back to my great grandmother, to my children’s items from childhood, in addition, to expensive art – all just stolen. When anybody shows signs of weakness, everyone is feeding on the carcass.

Most of all I must fight for justice again, against Denmark, a final fight. I should have loved to fight also against UK and Germany for what took place in London in 2008; however, the British very cleverly made this impossible by removing my laptop with all the data, just in time to prevent such action.

As you may note a part of this blog can only be seen with a password for my family and friends. I hope not to be too sorrow gazing, and I will endeavour to clarify my self-knowledge and experiences.

On the wall of my home for many years, Villa les Anges, it is written in old Latin: “Dico Lucidas – Taceo Nubilas. According to the view of experts on old Latin, it says: I see the light, I do not see darkness.

I have seen the Darkness but also the Light

Where to start, I am a Dane in my 80th year. I am sure many will agree when I say that I have had an interesting life.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars

My life has been full of events. Many of which I was responsible for, and sadly others were outside my control. The most important thing in life is love and experience (you walk the path). I have known pain and failure, but remember that true happiness comes from giving to others.

I certainly have been so fortunate to enjoy a lot of love, specifically from the devoted love of a soul mate. Love is the very base of life. I have walked (and at times crawled) the path of the deep and cold winter night, deep in the snow, in the depth of the valley getting slowly up to the mountain, with sun and blue sky, being fortunate and lucky indeed, spending most of my time where the eagles fly.

I am so thankful that all my sons and my grandchildren all have enjoyed good health. I am thankful for waking up to three of my grandchildren’s eyes gazing at me and to have played in good times with many of my grandchildren in my home overlooking Monaco. I am thankful for speaking recently on Skype to my 24 years old grandson, who reminded me that I am head of a family with 38 members and only a few years ago, for the first time, to have seen four of my beautiful grandchildren, living in Asia. My grandchildren, among themselves, speak more than ten languages, but not Danish, my home language.

Further, I was so fortunate to spend 18 years of my life with the most incredible human being, Romana, giving me so much happiness and love. I was so privileged to witness her death and transition from this life, leaving me with humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit, as expressed by Albert Einstein. To me, she defeated death and is here from eternity to eternity. Romana and I enjoyed a love, for nearly 19 years, that most people will never experience, she was a true soulmate.

The birth of three of my sons, seeing my four sons growing up, my family and private life, my travels, work with charities, financial market, and business experiences and seeing my lovely grandchildren, all events which have shaped my person, all precious memories. However, the experience to have being a victim of the Inquisitorial legal system in Denmark and 33 years later, the Adversarial legal systems in the United Kingdom, are experiences that I could have done without. These two events left a deep scar and imprint on my life; worse, it affected my relationship with my sons and their families. My experience must be considered unique for any person.

All victims are guilty somehow, for them to become a victim, in the first place, – so am I, guilty of becoming a victim, not once, but twice. The second time, I was very ill and totally incapable of dealing with anything, allowing my enemies to stab me in the back and destroy what was left of my dignity.

Sadly, the first time, I made a terrible mistake in life, an error of youth, possibly by not having the experience of a father or grandfather around. I came back to my birth country Denmark in the mid-1970s, to a place where the unwritten Scandinavian social code Janteloven, the rule “Do not believe that you are anything”. At the time, I really did not understand this unwritten law – and that was truly my stupidity.

I like the words of Aristotle:

“The beauty of the soul shines out when a man bears with composure one heavy mischance after another, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and heroic temper.”



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Wanted for Theft of My Home

Villa les Anges

In March 2007 a company I was 100% shareholder of, purchased our home for many years, a large property overlooking Monaco. At the time my soulmate for 18 years was dying.

The Company was managed by a trusted company in Jersey Channel Island (now Equiom) and regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

I was a director of the Company, but without my knowledge, the “trustee” in Jersey removed me as a director, 26 months later, despite the fact that I owned 100% of the Company. This was a criminal action with the objective to steal my property and the Company’s assets. My home was valued in 2008 by AXA Banking to be in excess of € 2.5 million. A few years before a Russian oligarch had offered us € 6 million, as he recognised we had the best location overlooking Monaco and the harbour, moreover, our neighbour had spent more than €55 million on his property.

Equiom sold my property to a client and friend, at the lowest price possible, taking cash on the side as payment and stealing my art collection, valuable inventory, furniture and family items.

After 9 years, they have never accounted for this money or paid any money to the rightful owner.

The people who stole my home

Andrew John Sainter

Cliff McClelland

Robert Shaun Farley

Ursula Kent

Christiaan De Bruyn

Neilie Macon

Stefano Ricci

Anton Swemmer

Maitre Olivares-Vives (Nice)

The present management of Equiom, headed by Mark Porter and Nick Evans try to cover up this fraud.

See shortly: